In the first church the apostles appointed a group of people to administer practical care to the growing church (Acts 6:1-7). They called these people “deacons.” Deacon is Greek for servant or minister. And so, we are all deacons and your care for your neighbor, like the people in your Life Group, is our first and foremost program of congregational care. However, like the early church, we have also appointed a group of deacons. Under the leadership of Frances Forgione, our Pastor of Congregational Care, they carry out the tasks of the original deacons and function as our Congregational Care Committee. They ask this question: “How can we best provide care for our own body at the Sanctuary?”  They oversee the following functions and programs:

Deacons Ministry: Deacons provide care through meals, hospital and home visitation, handyman help, practical support for memorial services, and personal support for those going through difficult times such as divorce, unemployment, loneliness, depression and the loss of a loved one.  The Deacons also provide financial assistance through the Deacon’s Fund. Deacons are nominated annually and meet monthly. If you are interested in providing or receiving care, contact Frances (gro.n1511314384wotnw1511314384odyra1511314384utcna1511314384seht@1511314384secna1511314384rf1511314384).

Prayer Team: This team prays for people at our weekend services. They meet monthly for training and prayer for our body.  If you’re interested in this ministry, please contact Kathleen (gro.n1511314384wotnw1511314384odyra1511314384utcna1511314384seht@1511314384neelh1511314384tak1511314384).

Prophetic Team: The prophetic prayer team consists of members who exercise some of the prophetic gifts outlined in the New Testament. Members of this team have been invited and approved by our pastoral staff as those who exercise these gifts with humility and integrity. If you would like to schedule a time to receive this type of prayer, we encourage you to do so by contacting Kristin Michas (ten.t1511314384sacmo1511314384c@sah1511314384ciMK1511314384).

Counseling: Under the leadership of Frances Forgione, pastoral counseling, donation-based counseling and outside referrals & resources are available to support you through difficult times or when feeling stuck (for individuals, couples or families). We have several in-house Master’s degree level counselors & spiritual directors available for appointments.  Frances, our Pastor of Congregational Care, is also a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Addictions Counselor and Certified in EMDR.

Groups & Classes: Various support groups and growth classes for individuals and couples are offered throughout the year. Refer to the Snews or contact Frances to learn of current offerings (gro.n1511314384wotnw1511314384odyra1511314384utcna1511314384seht@1511314384secna1511314384rf1511314384).

If you are in need of Pastoral Care, would like more information or would like to be involved as a volunteer, please contact Frances Forgione at 720-341-5060 (gro.n1511314384wotnw1511314384odyra1511314384utcna1511314384seht@1511314384secna1511314384rf1511314384).